Kyle Grimm

Real Estate professional

My name is Kyle.


I started investing in real estate senior year of high school when I bought a house for a little over $5,000.  The house should have been bulldozed, but I was able to fix it up and secure my first tenant.


I remember receiving the first months rent and thinking this is the direction I wanted to head with my career.  I worked construction through high school and into my two years of community college where I thought I would get into construction management.


I decided instead to ditch the college route and continue buying, selling, flipping, and renting real estate.


Since 2012, I have personally bought and sold well over a million dollars in real estate and also helped clients buy and sell millions.


Real estate is my passion, and I'm happy to share that passion with you in this website.


If you are looking to work with me, please contact me by clicking the button below!